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Hey Wendy: Where Should I Share My Content?

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"Hey Wendy! I'm wondering where's the best place to share my content - my website, email newsletter or social media?"

This is an email I received earlier this week, and it poses a good question. Want to know my answer? I told him his email is the best place.

Email is not dead

Consider some statistics, courtesy of ConstantContact:

·     The ROI for email marketing is incredibly high - $42 for every dollar spent.

·     Email marketing is more likely to drive sales than social media marketing - 60% of consumers said they made a purchase based on an email, while 12.5% of consumers clicked a “Buy Now” button in their social media feeds to do the same thing.

·     Email enables you to quickly reach your customers and prospects - did you know that 21% of opened emails are opened within the first hour of landing in an inbox? After hour three hours, that number jumps to almost 41%.

·     Email isn't going anywhere - it’s used worldwide by more than 4 billion people, and that number climbs higher every day.


Another important aspect about email is that you are not at the whim of the algorithms of the various social media platforms on which you post. And, although you own the content you post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and the like, but just because you post something doesn’t mean your fans and followers will see it.

Sure, the same can be said about any email you send, but if nothing more, your customers and prospects will at least see your name in their inbox, regardless of whether they click to open your message or not. And that’s a win.

I’m not saying never to post on social media because it definitely has its place in your marketing mix. What I am saying is not to underestimate the power of sharing your content via email.

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