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Use Your Content to Demonstrate Your Worth

October 3, 2021
Content Marketing
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All businesses have some competition; if you’re in one that doesn’t, good for you! For the rest of us, however, we need to figure out how we differentiate ourselves from our competition above and beyond the product or service we provide for our clients. Doing so demonstrates the value we bring to our customers and prospects.

Once we pin that down, we need to make sure we communicate that value, otherwise, it's worthless. And believe me when I say, our value is not worthless.

In fact, it's worth a lot.

This topic of conversation came up a couple of weeks ago in a small coaching group I’m a part of. We were talking about the difference between a customer’s budget and the perceived value they think they’ll get from the product or service they're considering purchasing from us.  

Think of it like this: The budget is the bottom line dollar amount they have to spend on FILL IN THE BLANK (Your product or service).

The perceived value, or what they think it’s worth, is the amount they’re willing to spend.

Even if they have an unlimited budget, they won't spend it if they don't understand our worth, or the value our work brings them.  

Sometimes, the budget and worth are in sync, but that isn’t often the case. It’s up to us to show our worth so that our customers and prospects are willing to pay.

So, how do you do that? One way is to use your content.

Wondering how? Here are a few ways:

 1. In your website copy

Your website is like your storefront. Most people will check it out before  contacting you or buying from you. It’s up to you to make sure it’s easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to understand what you do.

It’s also a great place to communicate the value you provide, which you can do a number of different ways through your content:

·     Make it about them, not you - demonstrate that you understand the challenges your prospects have and what drove them to want to seek out a solution

·     Include how you work and what your customers can expect from their experience with you

·     Include social proof - whether that’s including the names of clients who are recognizable (in B2B), or via testimonials from other customers


2. Blog Post

Another way to demonstrate your worth is to spell it out in a blog post. There is nothing wrong with beating your own chest and communicating what makes you different - and better - than all the other folks who do what you do. 

Break out each point into its own section and talk about how you approach it. Give broad examples at first, and when appropriate, narrow it down to specific examples, too.

You can include things like your credentials, special training, your work style, why past customers like you, etc. Show some of your personality, too, to give a preview of who you are.


3. Case Studies

A case study is a powerful marketing tool that tells the story of how you helped a customer. Stories are powerful because:

·     They are memorable - people tend to remember stories better than they remember facts and figures

·     They are relatable - people often see themselves in the shoes of the characters in the story

Another reason a case study is so powerful is because much of it comes from the perspective of your customer. That is, rather than you droning on about how great your product or service was at helping your customer, they’re the ones singing your praises. They are the hero in the story and you are the guide. This is important because it makes the case study that much more objective.


4. Make a video

You can make a video that points out what you do, how and why you do it, and what makes you different than everyone else. You also can demonstrate your product or service in the video and include customer testimonials, too.


Remember, the more your customers and prospects understand your worth, the more they'll be willing to pay you. Help them understand what it's in for it for them and you'll demonstrate your worth.

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