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Incredible Content is growing!


I am excited to announce that Incredible Content is growing. Please help me in welcoming Andy Jacobson to the team. You probably realize he and I share the same last name and that's because Andy is my husband along with being my business partner! Andy isn't new to content strategy and writing; he has several years experience, first working in agencies, and then directly for companies. And now, he's joining me, his wife.

We've been married for close to 25 years and truth be told, I never thought we'd be working together, but here we are and it's great.

Us at our wedding, June 6, 1999

What you need to know about Andy

He is very knowledable about a lot of things. He's a pop culture nerd, voracious reader and like me, is a dog person. He's worked in public relations, media relations, executive communications, copywriting and much more.

He also maintains a blog that he started back in 2012. You can see it here.

I asked Andy to share some of his favorite things and why so you can get to know him better. Here's a snippet:

Favorite movie:

Goodfellas. Everything works - arc storytelling, incredible acting; visually impactful and what a soundtrack!

Favorite song:

Surfin' USA by The Beach Boys. So many to pick from but The Beach Boys is one of the few examples of music I listened to growing up that I still enjoy today and this song was my gateway.

Favorite food to eat:

Sushi. Great texture and it's simultaneously varied, simple, and complex.

Favorite food to cook:

Burgers on the grill. It's an item that's so widely enjoyed and appreciated; that's what makes it enjoyable to cook.

Favorite book:

Cheating a bit but the four "Rabbit" novels by John Updike. 

What about joining Incredible Content excites you the most? 

Doing great thinking and work for clients built around mutual trust and respect.

Want to get in touch with Andy? Email him at

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