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It's time for another Content Case Study and I'm super excited to introduce you to Jill Anderson, owner of Jill Lynn Design.

Jill makes custom WordPress websites for creative professionals, and while she is not a content creator by trade, she is committed to her content strategy. And it has paid off. I won't give too much away in the introduction, so to find out what Jill publishes, how often and the return on investment as a result, keep reading!

Jill Anderson

Q: How long have you been making custom WordPress websites for creatives?

I started freelancing on the side in 2002, started my full-time freelance career in 2007, and built my first WordPress site in2008.


Q: When did you start publishing content, and why? What compelled you to do so?

I started blogging in 2010, but really didn’t dive into it regularly until 2013. Since I am all about WordPress and sharing what I know, I knew blogging was the way to go.

At this time, I also created a content strategy to keep work flowing. This strategy is 4-fold and consists of:

1.   Blogging

2.   Sharing blogposts on social media

3.   Sending a newsletter

4.   Encouraging viewers to opt-in to my newsletter on my website by offering a free download(currently: Get Your Website Done: 12 Actionable Steps for Designers)


3. What is the topic(s) of the content you create? 

My blog posts have always focused on Web Design, Good Business and WordPress Tips + Tricks.


Q: Where do you publish your content and how often? 

My blog + free download are on myWordPress website, I try to blog monthly(ish) although I sometimes go a few months between posts depending on how busy I am.

Newsletters are published throughMailChimp. I usually send a newsletter out after there are 2 new posts on my site.

I also use an automated social media posting service. My blogs come in via a feed from my website, and I schedule the posts for recurring sharing via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Q: What benefits have you experienced as a result?

I experience 2 major benefits from my content strategy which greatly impacts my business: 

1.   SearchEngine Rankings: Because of my consistent, relevant content (and SEO knowledge), I rank highly for “WordPress designer,” “Atlanta WordPressDeveloper,” and other related-WordPress keywords. About 40-50% of new projects come my way from people who have found me via Google.

2.   Newsletter Engagement: My website encourages visitors to signup for my newsletter by offering the free download. Consistently sending newsletters over the years keeps me connected to prospects and clients. The other 50-60% of my business comes from referrals and staying top-of-mind.


Q: Any words of wisdom you’d like to share? 

Content marketing is a long-game. Blogging and sending out a newsletter consistently is key, but it doesn’t need to be a rigid schedule. Just keep up with it.

In addition, it's OK if your blogs and newsletters aren't groundbreaking with the most exciting news ever. What might sound mundane to you might be just what your audience is needing.

Finally, get help. Writing takes me a very long time—time I’d rather spend buildingWordPress sites. So, I work with a copywriter to produce my blog posts. I spend about one hour on the phone with her every month or so, and voila, I have posts ready to share.

Connect with Jill on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. And if you need a new website, be sure to reach out to her.

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