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7 Reasons to Create a Case Study

August 12, 2021
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A case study tells the story of how you helped your customer overcome a challenge. It is a straight-forward narrative that outlines your customer’s business, the challenge(s) they were dealing with, the solution you provided and the benefits they enjoyed as a result.  

Case studies are also known as success stories and are powerful marketing tools. Every business should use them but many do not. This can be an advantage for you.

There are a number of other reasons why you should create case studies for your business. Here are 7 of them.


1. Case studies are engaging

When you present your case study as a story, you will grab your reader’s attention and get them invested because stories are engaging. Make sure you create your case study in the third person with your customer as the main character, or hero. You are the guide in the story and help your hero get the resolution they need. In other words, the story is more about your customer than you and that makes it more engaging to your reader.


2. Case studies are relatable

If you write your case study in the first person and make it all about you, you make it impossible for the reader to see themselves in the story.

But, when you present your case study with your customer as the main character - or the hero - you instantly make it possible for the reader to see themselves in the story. It becomes relatable to your reader, which is what you want.


3. Case studies are objective

Even though you are creating your case study, you want it to be objective to your reader. You can achieve this by including information from your customer.

Once you've completed the work for your customer, either schedule some time with them or send them an email to ask:

·     What challenge they were experiencing when they sought help from you

·     Why they chose to work with you

·     What outcome you helped them achieve

Then, use this information throughout your case study. By using their words, you make it more objective, which also makes it more relatable.


4. Case studies include testimonials

The information your customer provides can be used as testimonials, either within the case study itself or as stand-alone testimonials.


5. Case studies are easy to share

Everyone loves a good story and because your case study tells a good story, you will want to share it far and wide.

In fact, sharing your case study is pretty easy and you can do so in a number of ways:

·     On your website - create a tab specifically for case studies or success stories

·     On social media - announce your case study on your social channels and be sure to tag the customer you are highlighting

·     Include it in your proposals - add an extra layer of “oomph” when you are presenting a proposal to a prospect that has a similar challenge to the one highlighted in a case study

·     Put it in your signature block - include a link to it under contact information

·     Reference it in a webinar or podcast - include the link so it it’s easy to find

There are countless other ways to share it, too. Want to hear a few more? Let me know.


6. Case studies demonstrate your expertise

Although your case study highlights your customer, it also provides you with the opportunity to flex your muscle and discuss what you did to help your customer resolve their challenge.

You have the opportunity to explain exactly what you did and why, and how your help benefitted your customer.


7. Case studies are under-utilized

If you aren’t creating case studies, chances are you competition isn’t either. And, if you are creating case studies, your competition still probably isn’t.

The truth is, case studies are a potent marketing tool but many companies just aren’t using them. And that’s good for you.

Sure, they take a bit of effort because you need to get some input from your customer but the reward is so worth the investment.

Want to discuss your next (or first) case study? Need help writing one? Contact me; I'd be happy to discuss.

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